UNFCCC JI side event at CMP 2

Welcome and introduction

James Grabert, UNFCCC secretariat
Introductory remarks

Daniela Stoycheva, Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee
JI Track 2 procedure and its role in JI Track 2 projects (0 bytes)

From a Project Idea...

Björn Zapfel, UNFCCC secretariat
JI Track 2 project cycle (0 bytes)

Manfred Stockmayer, CAMCO International
Development and implementation of a JI Track 2 project (0 bytes)

Alexander Fediaev, Nova-Eco
Nova-Eco. Ukraine (0 bytes)

Thomas Kleiser, TÜV-SÜD
Determinations with regard to a JI track 2 (0 bytes)

...to the Market

Olga Gassan-zade, Point Carbon
Overview of the JI market (0 bytes)

Ash Sharma, NEFCO
Alexander Fediaev, Nova-Eco
Manfred Stockmayer, CAMCO International
Trading Emission Reduction Units (panel discussion)