Call for experts (JI assessment teams members for accreditation) - fifth call


According to paragraphs 3 (b) and 3 (c) of the JI guidelines the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) shall be responsible for the "accreditation of independent entities in accordance with standards and procedures contained in appendix A {to the JI guidelines}", as well as the "review of standards and procedures for the accreditation of independent entities in appendix A ... , giving consideration to relevant work of the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism (CDM) and, as appropriate, making recommendations to the COP/MOP on revisions to these standards and procedures".

At its third meeting, the JISC established the Joint Implementation Accreditation Panel (JI-AP) to draw on relevant expertise in performing the function of accrediting independent entities.

At its fourth meeting, the JISC agreed on the procedure for accrediting independent entities by  the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee  (JI accreditation procedure). The JISC revised the JI accreditation procedure most recently at its thirteenth meeting to version 04 (Procedure for accrediting independent entities by the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (version 04) (255 KB)).  According to this procedure the JI-AP establishes assessment teams (JI-ATs), drawing from a roster of experts established by the JISC for this purpose. A JI-AT, under the guidance of the JI-AP, undertakes the detailed assessment of an applicant independent entity (IE) and/or accredited IE (AIE), identifies non-conformities and reports to the JI-AP. For witnessing purposes, the team shall include a methodological expert selected from a separate roster of methodological experts.

At its fourth meeting, the JISC agreed on the terms of reference for JI-ATs, and requested the secretariat to launch a public call for experts in this regard. The JISC encouraged experts having a positive experience and record as assessment team members under the CDM accreditation procedure to apply. On this basis, the first call was conducted from 9 October 2006 until 20 November 2006.

At its fifth meeting, the JISC agreed to delegate its function of establishing and maintaining the rosters of experts for JI-ATs to the JI-AP. On this basis, the JI-AP at its third and fourth meetings requested the secretariat to launch a second and third call, respectively, to supplement the rosters.  Consequently, the second and third calls were conducted from 13 December 2006 until 17 January 2007 and from 28 February to 27 September 2007, respectively.

The JISC, at its eighth meeting, revised the terms of reference for JI-ATs to version 02 (Terms of reference for joint implementation assessment teams (version 02) (103 KB)), which specifically requires that a methodology expert in a JI-AT shall demonstrate relevant working experience of at least two years of methodological issues related to project-based mechanism.

The JI-AP, at its twelfth and fifteenth meeting, requested the secretariat to launch a fourth and fifth call for experts,
respectively, to further enhance the roster of competent experts in particular methodology experts in the sectoral scopes listed in the section below.

Call for experts (JI assessment teams members for accreditation) - fifth call

Experts fulfilling the competence requirements listed below are invited to submit their applications.

Competence Requirements

A JI-AT member shall:

(a) Demonstrate relevant working experience, of at least two years on methodological issues related to project-based mechanisms;
(b)Be familiar with the JI guidelines and relevant decisions of the Conference of the Parties and/or Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol;
(c)Have recognized experience and/or knowledge relevant to the JI project cycle;
(d)Be able to communicate fluently, in writing and orally, in English. A working knowledge of other United Nations languages desirable;
(e)Have excellent drafting skills, strong operational and analytical skills, and the ability to work as a member of a team;
(f)Possess a university degree in economics, environmental studies, natural sciences, engineering, development studies, or any related discipline;
(g)Be free from any interest that may cause the JI-AT to act in other than an impartial and non discriminatory manner;
(h)Commit in writing that he/she will not disclose any confidential or proprietary information coming to his/her knowledge by reason of his/her duties for the JI-AT.

For the present call, experts having working experience in methodological issues (i.e. baseline setting and monitoring) related to project-based mechanisms (i.e. JI and/or the CDM) in the following sectoral scopes are invited to apply (the number corresponds to the number in the  List of sectoral scopes (version 02) (120 KB)):

4. Manufacturing industries
5. Chemical industry
6. Construction
7. Transport
8. Mining/mineral production
9. Metal production
10. Fugitive emissions from fuels (solid, oil and gas)
11. Fugitive emissions from production and consumption of halocarbons and sulphur hexafluoride
12. Solvents use
14. Land-use, land-use change and forestry
15. Agriculture

Work conditions

  • The selection of the applicants to be included in the rosters is the responsibility of the JISC1.
  • Being included in the roster(s) of experts does not automatically imply that the expert will be chosen as a member of a JI-AT.
  • Members of JI-ATs will be paid travel costs and daily subsistence allowance for attending a meeting or undertaking assignments of assessment in accordance with the United Nations rules and regulations and the JI accreditation procedure. In addition, the members of JI-ATs will be paid fees as determined by the JISC in the Indicative level of fees to be paid to joint implementation assessment team by applicant independent entity or accredited independent entity (version 02) (123 KB).
  • The terms of payment will be effective after satisfactory completion of work.

Experts wishing to apply shall:

The call for experts is open from 25 March  to 5 May 2009 (17:00 GMT).


1) The JISC, at its fifth meeting, delegated its function of establishing and maintaining the rosters of experts for JI-ATs to the JI-AP.

(Unless otherwise indicated, the term "JI Guidelines" refers to the annex to decision 9/CMP.1.)