FR1000136: Projets regroupés de production d’énergie thermique
Last updated 11 Feb 16
ITL project ID FR1000136
Project title Projets regroupés de production d’énergie thermique
Project location Regions : Poitou-Charentes, Haute Normandie, Rhône Alpes, Picardie, Centre, Aquitaine
Host Party France
Other Party United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Type of Project
Fee to be paid
Sectoral scope(s) 1: Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)
"Track" 1
LULUCF project No
Total Emission reductions expected 205593.0 t CO2 equivalent
Crediting period 01 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2012
Project information provided by host Party Project documentation:
LoA (45 KB)
PDD (2703 KB)
Determination report (1964 KB)
LoA UK (82 KB)
verif report 1 (458 KB)
verif report 2 (708 KB)
ERU issuance FNB (27 KB)

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Projets domestiques

Project related text:
Fuel switch (natural gas to biomass) for new and existing sawmills. The bundled project brings together 9 individual activities developed over 6 regions under the supervision of "Fédération Nationale du Bois".

Activities issued from the call for project proposals of "CDC Climat".
Current status of the project Operational
Total verified emission reductions 178470.0 t CO2 equivalent
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