Enhanced transparency for information on JI Track 1 projects

Enhanced transparency for information on JI Track 1 projects

An improved web-based interface for Parties to provide information on joint implementation (JI) Track 1 projects has been launched by the secretariat yesteray, following a mandate given by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol at its fifth session (CMP.5) (paragraph 14, decision 3/CMP.5).

As of now, Parties have the opportunity to provide information on JI Track projects to be published on the UNFCCC JI website http://ji.unfccc.int/JI_Projects/ProjectInfo.html in an enhanced transparent way.

In addition to the previous requirements, the new features of the interface are requiring information on:

• Project location
• Other Party(ies) involved
• Sectoral scope
• Crediting period
• Implementation status
• Total verified emission reductions
• Brief description of project in English

The respective improvements have been made in the context of the CMPs encouragement of Parties to ensure that information they provide on JI Track 1 projects through the web-based interface developed by the secretariat is sufficiently detailed to allow the UNFCCC JI website to provide an overview of these projects in a transparent way (paragraph 13, decision 3/CMP.5).

Improvements were done in consultation with designated focal points (DFPs) of Parties involved in JI, which helped the secretariat to identify standardized information to be provided and to choose the minimum amount of information required.