Copenhagen Q&A session with the JISC

Copenhagen Q&A session with the JISC

Date: Monday, 7 December 2009, 13:00-14:30
Venue: Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, Room Liva Weel

The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee invites the interested participants to the side event, including a question and answer session, organized on Monday 7 December at 13:00 in Room Liva Weel, Bella Center.

The JISC members and the secretariat will present the key features of the JI mechanism, the JISC mandate and activities, including project status information and accreditation issues, and the important accomplishments in 2009, like the JI Programme of Activities (JI PoA) and the Determination and Verification Manual (DVM).

The work plan of the JISC for the period 2010-2011, the financial aspects related to the JI work, and the road ahead will also be presented.

The JISC members will be available for questions from the audience.