Publication of two JI PDDs

Publication of two JI PDDs

This message is to notify that the JI project design documents (PDD) for the following projects have been submitted by an accredited independent entity (AIE) to the secretariat and will be open for comments as of tomorrow 14 January 2012 until 12 February 2012 (17:00 GMT):

"0306.Construction of the Frolovsky Electric Steelmaking Plant" in Frolovo, Volgograd region, Russia"

"0307.Introduction of Energy Efficiency Measures at PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol”

The abovementioned PDDs will be available on the UNFCCC JI website under
<>, where also detailed information on the submission of comments will be provided.

Paragraph 32 of the annex to decision 9/CMP.1 (JI guidelines) stipulates that, under the verification procedure under the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (Track 2 procedure), AIEs shall make JI PDDs publicly available through the secretariat, subject to confidentiality provisions, and receive comments from Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited observers for 30 days from the date the PDD is made publicly available.