Designated Focal Point National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects
Department of Energy System Analysis and Climate Change
Swedish Energy Agency
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SE-631 04 Eskilstuna

Mr. Fredrik Svartengren

                       Phone: +46 16 544 20 00
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Email: dna-dfp.sweden@energimyndigheten.se
National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects:
Introduction to Approval Procedures of the Swedish DFP (29 KB)
Ordinance amending the Emissions Trading Ordinance (2004:1205) (23 KB)
Regulation issued by the Swedish Energy Agency concerning Project based mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol (28 KB)
Request for Approval of JI-project Implemented in Sweden (131 KB)
Request for Letter of Approval for Participation in JI-project (126 KB)

JI projects
Publicly accessible user interface of national registry (if available)*
"Track 2" projects**
SE2000039 0220. YARA Köping S3 N2O abatement project in Sweden
SE2000040 0221. YARA Köping S2 N2O abatement project in Sweden
"Track 1" projects**
ITL project ID Title Last Updated

* According to paragraph 44 of Decision 13/CMP.1 "each national registry shall make non-confidential information publicly available and provide a publicly accessible user interface through the Internet that allows interested persons to query and view it." In accordance with paragraph 46 of Decision 13/CMP.1 the "information referred to in paragraph 44 ... shall include the following Article 6 project information, for each project identifier against which the Party has issued ERUs: (a) Project name: a unique name for the project(;) (b) Project location: the Party and town or region in which the project is located(;) (c) Years of ERU issuance: the years in which ERUs have been issued as a result of the Article 6 project(;) (d) Reports: downloadable electronic versions of all publicly available documentation relating to the project, including proposals, monitoring, verification and issuance of ERUs, where relevant, subject to the confidentiality provisions in decision 9/CMP.1."

** Projects switching "Tracks" appear with different ITL project IDs.

(The term "Article" refers to an Article of the Kyoto Protocol.)