Twenty-ninth Meeting of the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC 29)
Date: 28-30 May 2012

Venue :  
UN Campus Bonn, "Langer Eugen"
Hermann-Ehlers-Str. 10
53113 Bonn

Observer registration deadline: 14 May 2012

Documents under consideration at the meeting:

According to paragraph 18 of the JI guidelines meetings of the JISC "shall be open to attendance, as observers, by all Parties and by all UNFCCC accredited observers and stakeholders, except where otherwise decided by the Article 6 Supervisory Committee." Lists of UNFCCC accredited organizations are available on the UNFCCC website (http://unfccc.int/parties_and_observers/items/2704.php). The deadline for registration as an observer is two weeks before the meeting. Please note that only observers, which registered within the stipulated deadline of 14 May 2012, will be allowed to have access to the observer room.

(Unless otherwise indicated, the term "JI guidelines" refers to the annex of decision 9/CMP.1. In this annex the term "Article" refers to an Article of the Kyoto Protocol, unless otherwise specified.)