Workshops / Side Events

Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee side event: Lessons learned from JI towards Article 6

Date: 8 November 2016, 13:15-14:45
Venue: Marrakech, Morocco

Theme: Article 6 in the Paris Agreement establishes a new sustainable development and mitigation mechanism. This side event aims at exploring lessons learned from JI so as to inspire the elaboration of modalities and procedures for the new Article 6 mechanism



Mr. Konrad Raeschke-Kessler, Chair of the JISC

Mr. Albert Abel Williams, Vice-Chair of JISC

Mr. Gareth Phillips, Chief Climate and Green Growth Officer at the Afriban Development Bank (Moderator)



Mr. Aki Kachi, International Policy Director at Carbon Market Watch – Pitfalls for future mechanisms

Mr. Lambert Schneider, Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute – Governance and approaches: what are the lessons from the JI track I and track II?

Mr. Benoît Leguet, JISC Member and Managing Director, Institute for Climate Economics – Efforts by the JISC to share lessons learned - what can the JI offer for future mechanisms




Presentation by Mr. Aki Kachi

Presentation by Mr. Lambert Schneider

Presentation by Mr. Benoît Leguet