JI Audio Files

These audio files were created to help spread the word about the joint implementation in plain language. If you would like to suggest a topic to be covered in an audio file, why not drop a line to ji-multimedia@unfccc.int. Please read our important disclaimer by clicking on the link in the top right corner. These audio files are in the public domain. Their use, including embedding and reproduction, is highly encouraged.

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JI Benefits

What are the benefits for host countries?

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Muhammed Quamrul Chowdhury, JISC chair 2011

Project Design Document

What is a PDD?

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Evans Njewa, JISC member

What is additionality?

And how can it be demonstrated?

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Evgeny Sokolov, JISC member

What is a baseline?

And how is it established?

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Carola Borja, JISC member


What are the requirements?

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Wolfgang Seidel, JISC vice-chair 2011

JI fees

Accreditation, determination, verification

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Irina Voitekhovitch, JISC member

Issuance of ERUs

What is the procedure?

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Benoit Leguet, JISC chair 2010


What is a JI programme of activities?

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Miriana Roman, alternate JISC member

JI Accreditation Panel

What does it do?

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Carlos Fuller, JISC member

National Approval Process

National Approval Process for JI Projects in Ukraine

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Natalie Kushko, DFP, Ukraine

JI Guideline Review

What is the JI Guideline Review?

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Wolfgand Seidel, JISC Chair 2012

JI Project Benefits

What benefits does a JI project bring to a host country?

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JISC members