According to paragraph 16 of the JI guidelines the "full text of all decisions of the Article 6 supervisory committee shall be made publicly available."

On this page information on all meetings of the JISC is provided.

Next JISC Meeting: 38 Date: 27 - 28 May 2016 Webcast

JISC Meeting: 37 Date: 29 - 30 September 2015 Webcast
29 - 30 September 2015

JISC Meeting: 36 Date: 12 - 13 March 2015 Webcast
12 - 13 March 2015

JISC Meeting: 35 Date: 16 - 17 September 2014 Webcast
16 - 17 September 2014

JISC meeting archive Archive

* All documents (forms, procedures, etc.) approved by the JISC and published on the UNFCCC JI website are intended for use in connection with the verification procedure under the JISC, as defined in paragraphs 30-45 of the JI guidelines. If the documents are used for any other purpose, they shall not be modified or changed in any way, and anyone making such use of the documents shall hold harmless and defend the JISC and the UNFCCC secretariat against any action that may be brought against them as a result of such use.

(Unless otherwise indicated, the term "JI guidelines" refers to the annex of decision 9/CMP.1.)