BG1000149: Pernik District Heating project
Last updated 01 Sep 10
ITL project ID BG1000149
Project title Pernik District Heating project
Project location Region of Sofia, City of Pernik
Host Party Bulgaria
Other Party
Type of Project
Fee to be paid
Sectoral scope(s) 2: Energy distribution
"Track" 1
LULUCF project No
Total Emission reductions expected 418356.0 t CO2 equivalent
Crediting period 01 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2012
Project information provided by host Party Project documentation:
Pernik District Heating project PDD (663 KB)

Project related text:
Rehabilitation of the district heating system in the city of Pernik by rehabilitating 10 km of pipes (the total length of the DH system is 60 km), all 700 substations and installation of valves, compensators, heat exchanger and pumps.The goal of the project is to reduce heat losses and improve efficiency of the network so energy consumption and hence CO2 emissions are correspondingly reduced up to around 11% annually depending on the performance of the project. 
Current status of the project Operational
Total verified emission reductions 626834.0 t CO2 equivalent
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