PL1000060: Mazurskie Landfill Gas Package
Last updated 01 Sep 09
ITL project ID PL1000060
Project title Mazurskie Landfill Gas Package
Project location
Host Party Poland
Other Party
Type of Project
Fee to be paid
Sectoral scope(s)
"Track" 1
LULUCF project No
Total Emission reductions expected 0 t CO2 equivalent
Crediting period
Project information provided by host Party Project documentation:
Letter of Approval (285 KB)

Project related text:
The project aims to assist in the handling of landfill gas by establishing a number of plants for utilization of gas from several landfill sites. The methane gas from the landfill sites will be burned in gas-engines producing electrical power for the nearby cities. The landfill gas not burned in the engines will be burned in flares. 
Current status of the project Unknown
Total verified emission reductions 0 t CO2 equivalent
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