Project Design Documents

According to paragraph 32 of the JI guidelines the "accredited independent entity shall make the project design document publicly available through the secretariat, subject to confidentiality provisions set out in paragraph 40, and receive comments from Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited observers on the project design document and any supporting information for 30 days from the date the project design document is made publicly available".

According to the Clarification regarding scopes and steps of witnessing activities under the joint implementation accreditation procedure (version 03) (88 KB), in the context of a witnessing activity, also an applicant independent entity (IE) can make a project design document (PDD) publicly available through the secretariat, but only after the joint implementation assessment team (JI-AT) has accepted the project as a witnessing activity. The corresponding determination can be made publicly available through the secretariat in accordance with paragraph 34 of the JI guidelines only after the IE has been accredited for the relevant sectoral scope(s) and function.

This section displays project design documents (PDDs), that have been made publicly available accordingly. Comments shall be sent to the accredited independent entity (AIE) directly, using the contact information indicated for the specific project/bundle.

The PDDs for which the 30 days comment period has already ended are available when clicking on the "Archive" button below.

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* According to the Procedures for the withdrawal of submissions under the verification procedure under the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (version 02) (128 KB).

(Unless otherwise indicated, the term "JI guidelines" refers to the annex of decision 9/CMP.1.)