Final Determinations

Paragraph 35 of the JI guidelines stipulates: "The determination regarding a project design document shall be deemed final 45 days after the date on which the determination is made public, unless a Party involved in the project or three of the members of the Article 6 Supervisory Committee request a review by the Article 6 Supervisory Committee. If such a review is requested, the Article 6 Supervisory Committee shall finalize the review as soon as possible, but no later than six months or at the second meeting following the request for review. The Article 6 Supervisory Committee shall communicate its decision on the determination and the reasons for it to the project participants and the public. Its decision shall be final."

As soon as the determination is final the project/bundle is displayed in this section.

* Paragraph 3 of Decision 10/CMP.1 stipulates that, under certain conditions, designated operational entities under the clean development mechanism "may act provisionally as accredited independent entities ... The determinations and relevant activities undertaken ... shall be valid only after the accreditation of the independent entity is finalized". All projects with final determinations that have been performed by provisionally acting accredited independent entities which have not yet been accredited for the relevant function and sectoral scope(s) are marked accordingly.

** According to the Procedures for the withdrawal of submissions under the verification procedure under the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (version 02) (128 KB).

(Unless otherwise indicated, the term "JI guidelines" refers to the annex of decision 9/CMP.1. In this annex the term "Article" refers to an Article of the Kyoto Protocol, unless otherwise specified.)