RO1000173: Municipal Cogeneration Targoviste
Last updated 06 Sep 12
ITL project ID RO1000173
Project title Municipal Cogeneration Targoviste
Project location Targoviste
Host Party Romania
Other Party Netherlands
Type of Project
Fee to be paid
Sectoral scope(s) 3: Energy demand
"Track" 1
LULUCF project No
Total Emission reductions expected 412018.0 t CO2 equivalent
Crediting period 01 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2012
Project information provided by host Party Project documentation:
PDD (555 KB)
Re-Determination Report (280 KB)
LoA from Romania (1934 KB)
Verification Report 2008 (424 KB)
Verification Report 2009 (462 KB)

Project related text:
The Municipal Cogeneration Târgovişte Project has been one of the first projects initiated within the scope of the first framework agreement between the Netherlands and Romanian governments, intended to stimulate the development of a number of modern cogeneration projects as Commercial Joint Implementation projects.
Based on a proposal made by the Municipality and the municipally owned S.C. TERMICA S.A. (“TERMICA”), the experts of NUON, the Municipality and TERMICA have carried
out a study on the limitations of the present thermal energy production, transport and distribution systems and of the possibilities to improve them. The existing heat production facilities are rather old (25 – 30 years), which means not only a limited residual lifetime, but also a poor thermal efficiency. Besides, the existing heat production capacity is not sufficient for covering the heat demand during cold spells, leading in such periods to discomfort and unhappiness of the inhabitants.
The proposal is to install new cogeneration facilities with a total capacity of about 6.8 MWe and new heat only boilers with a capacity of 14.0 MWth, as well as to rehabilitate the existing heat transportation networks and an existing heat only boiler with a capacity of 58.2 MWth.
The project will solve the heat supply problems in the City of Târgovişte, will drastically improve the efficiency of electricity and heat production and will produce electricity and heat at lower cost and environmental friendlier than at present. The produced electricity will be partly consumed internally by the beneficiaries of the project and partly sold to a third party, whereas the produced heat will be delivered to the customers of S.C. TERMICA S.A.
Current status of the project Operational
Total verified emission reductions 78332.0 t CO2 equivalent
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