BG1000187: Bulgarian Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy portfolio project
Last updated 17 Sep 10
ITL project ID BG1000187
Project title Bulgarian Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy portfolio project
Project location Gorna Oryahovitsa, Novi Iskar, Gotse Delchev and Alfatar cities, villages Bojkovo and Hrabrino, Lesitchevo
Host Party Bulgaria
Other Party Netherlands
Type of Project
Fee to be paid
Sectoral scope(s) 1: Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)
2: Energy distribution
"Track" 1
LULUCF project No
Total Emission reductions expected 407960.0 t CO2 equivalent
Crediting period 01 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2012
Project information provided by host Party Project documentation:
Project summary (130 KB)
Letter of approval Bulgaria 1st page (56 KB)
Letter of approval Bulgaria 2nd page (55 KB)
Letter of approval Netherlands (61 KB)
PDD Renewabl energy (1608 KB)
PDD Energy Efficiency (1975 KB)
Determination report renewable energy (608 KB)
Determination report energy efficiency (344 KB)

Project related text:
The project consists of 6 portfolio projects. Two PDDs have been prepared and validated for the Portfolio of Projects. One PDD for the energy efficiency projects (three projects) and one for the renewable energy projects (three projects).

Project 1: Sugar Plants JSC: reconstruction and improvement of energy efficiency of an existing coal fired steam boiler used for steam and electricity production; establishment of two heat exchangers for heating, utilizing the output steam and increasing the quantity of the co-generated electricity.

Project 2: Zebra AD JSC: improvement of the energy efficiency at the rubber products production plant, through the implementation of energy savings measures.

Project 3: Pirinplast: replacement of 5 low efficient injection machines with new highly efficient injection moulding machines, characterized by a high productivity and low energy consumption. 

Project 4: Trakija Gas: Small Hydro Power Plant (SHPP) Tumrush for the generation of electric energy - 15,115 MWh/year.
Project 5: Delektra: SHPP – the unit in Lesitchevo is expected to generate 10,880 MWh; the second unit is expected to generate 5,580 MWh/year. The total planed electricity production of the plant is 16,460 MWh /year. 

Project 6: Wiwa Agrotex: Steam station for combustion of biomass (straw) with a total output of 8 t/h steam. The steam to be sold to Bio-etil production plant which is expected to utilise 13,317 t of straw.
Current status of the project Under development
Total verified emission reductions 136694.0 t CO2 equivalent
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