Designated Focal Point National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects
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National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects:
Estonia's Joint Implementation Guidelines (updated March 2012) (121 KB)

JI projects
Publicly accessible user interface of national registry (if available)*
"Track 2" projects**
"Track 1" projects**
ITL project ID Title Last Updated
EE1000052 Esivere and Virtsu II Windpower Project 19 Aug 09
EE1000066 Kadrina Bioenergy Project 07 Sep 09
EE1000067 Pakri Wind Farm Project 07 Sep 09
EE1000068 Tamsalu Bioenergy Project 07 Sep 09
EE1000069 Paide Bioenergy Project 07 Sep 09
EE1000101 Viru-Nigula Wind Farm 21 Dec 09
EE1000144 Virtsu III Wind Power Project 29 Apr 10
EE1000174 Saaremaa Animal Waste Management Project 23 May 11
EE1000176 Paldiski Wind Farm 16 Aug 10
EE1000214 Vanaküla Wind Power Joint Implementation Project 19 Jan 11
EE1000216 Jägala-Joa Hydropower Joint Implementation Project 28 Jan 11
EE1000217 Tooma Wind Power Joint Implementation Project 23 May 11

* According to paragraph 44 of Decision 13/CMP.1 "each national registry shall make non-confidential information publicly available and provide a publicly accessible user interface through the Internet that allows interested persons to query and view it." In accordance with paragraph 46 of Decision 13/CMP.1 the "information referred to in paragraph 44 ... shall include the following Article 6 project information, for each project identifier against which the Party has issued ERUs: (a) Project name: a unique name for the project(;) (b) Project location: the Party and town or region in which the project is located(;) (c) Years of ERU issuance: the years in which ERUs have been issued as a result of the Article 6 project(;) (d) Reports: downloadable electronic versions of all publicly available documentation relating to the project, including proposals, monitoring, verification and issuance of ERUs, where relevant, subject to the confidentiality provisions in decision 9/CMP.1."

** Projects switching "Tracks" appear with different ITL project IDs.

(The term "Article" refers to an Article of the Kyoto Protocol.)