Project 0292 : Kaisiadorys wind power park
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Reference number 0292
Title Project:
Kaisiadorys wind power park
Host Party(ies) Lithuania (project participant: no)
Approval (248 KB)

Authorised project participants:
Vildara, UAB

Authorisation included in the written approval
Other Party(ies) involved n/a
Scale Small
Project category Sectoral scope(s):
1: Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)

SSC type(s) and category(ies):

I.D. : Grid connected renewable electricity generation
PDD(s) PDD (456 KB)
(A)IE chosen by the project participants for determination Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS
Determination report Determination report (188 KB)

Relevant documents:

Ekonominis_modelis_Vildara_10_2012 (100 KB)
Emission reductions/enhancements of removals
(annual average in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent)
9,331 t CO2 equivalent
Fee 0.00 USD
Period for requesting review 26 Jan 13 - 11 Mar 13 (17:00 GMT)
Crediting period 01 Oct 12 - 31 Dec 12
Project design document / determination Publication of the project design document
Kaisiadorys wind power park