0211: Utilization of coke gas with electricity generation by two 6 MWe CHP at “ZaporozhCox Plant”
Reference number 0211
Title Project:
Utilization of coke gas with electricity generation by two 6 MWe CHP at “ZaporozhCox Plant”*
Host Party(ies) Ukraine
Scale Large
Project category Sectoral scope(s):
1: Energy industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)
Crediting period 01 Feb 08 - 31 Dec 12
Verification report Monitoring report/verification number: 002

Monitoring period:
01 Jan 10 - 31 Mar 11

AIE that performed the verification:
Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS

Monitoring report(s): Supporting documentation:
Monitoring report (645 KB) Calculation of Emission Reductions (258 KB)

Verification report(s): Other relevant documents:
Verification report (48 KB) Verification Report (323 KB)

Verified emission reductions/enhancements of removals:
67,598 tonnes CO2 equivalent

Period for requesting review:
16 Jun 11 - 30 Jun 11 (17:00 GMT)

* Paragraph 3 of Decision 10/CMP.1 stipulates that, under certain conditions, designated operational entities under the clean development mechanism "may act provisionally as accredited independent entities ... The determinations and relevant activities undertaken ... shall be valid only after the accreditation of the independent entity is finalized". All projects with final determinations that have been performed by provisionally acting accredited independent entities which have not yet been accredited for the relevant function and sectoral scope(s) are marked accordingly.