Designated Focal Point National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects
Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW)
Climate Change Policy Directorate, International Emission Trading Mechanisms Department
22 Maria Louiza blvd
Sofia 1000
1000 Sofia
Email: vdacheva@moew.government.bg

Ms Veronika Dacheva
Junior expert
International Emission Trading Mechanisms Department
Climate Change Policy Directorate
Ministry of Environment and Water
22 Maria Louiza blvd
1000 Sofia
Phone: +359 2 940 6107
Email: vdacheva@moew.government.bg
National guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects:
Bulgarian JI Guidelines Track 2 (521 KB)
Bulgarian guidelines for Track 1_bulg version (139 KB)
Bulgarian guidelines for Track 1_english version (104 KB)

JI projects
Publicly accessible user interface of national registry (if available)*
"Track 2" projects**
BG2000012 0063. Sreden Iskar Cascade HPP Portfolio Project
"Track 1" projects**
ITL project ID Title Last Updated
BG1000149 Pernik District Heating project 01 Sep 10
BG1000150 Reduction of Greenhouse gas by gasification of the towns of Veliko Turnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets 16 Aug 11
BG1000151 Reduction of Greenhouse gases by gasification of Sofia municipality 16 Aug 11
BG1000152 Reduction of Greenhouse Gases by Gasification in the Varna municipality 16 Aug 11
BG1000153 New cogeneration power station for combined production of heat and electricity in District Heating Bourgas, Bulgaria 31 Aug 10
BG1000154 Nitrous Oxide Reduction at Agropolychim Fertilizer Plant 07 Sep 11
BG1000155 Kaliakra Wind power project 20 Aug 10
BG1000158 Bulgarian Small Hydro Power Plant (SHPP) Portfolio 07 Feb 14
BG1000159 Sofia District Heating Project 07 Feb 14
BG1000163 Svilosa Biomass Project 31 Aug 10
BG1000164 Co-generation Gas Power Station Biovet 01 Sep 10
BG1000166 ”Methane gas Capture and Electricity Production at Kubratovo Wastewater Treatment, Sofia Bulgaria 20 Aug 10
BG1000167 Portfolio of new cogeneration power stations for combined production of heat and electricity in District Heating Company Pleven and District Heating Company Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 25 Aug 10
BG1000172 Sunflower and rape seed – bio diesel fuel production and use for transportation in Bulgaria 07 Sep 11
BG1000177 Energy efficiency investment programme at Svilocell Pulp Mill 30 Aug 10
BG1000187 Bulgarian Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy portfolio project 17 Sep 10
BG1000192 Vacha Cascade Joint Implementation Project 08 Nov 10
BG1000207 Biomass and Energy Efficiency Project in paper factory Stambolijski 29 Dec 10
BG1000208 Cogeneration gas power stations AKB Fores 07 Sep 11
BG1000209 Reduction of greenhouse gases by gasification of Burgas Municipality 16 Aug 11
BG1000210 Small Hydro Power Station Potochnitsa 29 Dec 10
BG1000292 Emission Reduction of Nitrous Oxide in Nitric Acid Production at Neochim PLC 03 Nov 11
BG1000308 Biomass Steam Boiler at Vinprom Peshtera 20 Jan 12
BG1000501 Reduction of Greenhouse gases by gasification in the Zapad Region of Bulgaria 07 Feb 14

* According to paragraph 44 of Decision 13/CMP.1 "each national registry shall make non-confidential information publicly available and provide a publicly accessible user interface through the Internet that allows interested persons to query and view it." In accordance with paragraph 46 of Decision 13/CMP.1 the "information referred to in paragraph 44 ... shall include the following Article 6 project information, for each project identifier against which the Party has issued ERUs: (a) Project name: a unique name for the project(;) (b) Project location: the Party and town or region in which the project is located(;) (c) Years of ERU issuance: the years in which ERUs have been issued as a result of the Article 6 project(;) (d) Reports: downloadable electronic versions of all publicly available documentation relating to the project, including proposals, monitoring, verification and issuance of ERUs, where relevant, subject to the confidentiality provisions in decision 9/CMP.1."

** Projects switching "Tracks" appear with different ITL project IDs.

(The term "Article" refers to an Article of the Kyoto Protocol.)